Secure ID Limited visits Oxbridge Academy

On another one of our “Morning with Entrepreneur” events, Mrs Kofo Akinkugbe visited the Academy to speak to the students. It was really an amazing time with her.
She highlighted the importance of firstly working for other people to learn strong work ethics and habits before starting one’s own company. She told the students that an entrepreneur must be someone that has integrity, values, honesty. An entrepreneur must be a game changer and be very proactive to get things done.  She also highlighted the importance of starting small and growing slowly.
She advised that an entrepreneur should have the vision to set up a business that will leave legacy. She said people  should not go into business for the purpose of money making only.
Employing the right people, building a great team,  exciting your customers with good quality products and services also come into play. Balance work with your family needs. Your family must not suffer because of your business. Be an enlightened warrior in business and be very prayerful.
Her last point was that students should  be mindful of how they live their lives because people are watching,  a quality life style can attract business partners, helpers and customers. All in all another wonderfully insightful morning.

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