Emotional Intelligence by Mr Ajufoh- Obi

We were fortunate enough to have Mr Ajufoh- Obimotional deliver a class on emotional intelligence recently at the Academy. It proved extremely enlightening and rewarding. We covered so many things, for example, the students were taught to constantly question things in life and to not just accept the status quo. Ask WHY in life and help yourself become more self-aware. In addition to the why be sure to always ask yourself “who l am”?  He spoke about self-motivation and how to overcome adversity, how to stimulate one’s self to always strive for the best and how to condition yourself to succeed. All in all a wonderful day for our very fortunate students.
As we approach the festive season and New Year I can’t think of a better way to approach 2017! All of us at the academy wish our students the very best in their academic pursuit and we wish everyone reading this a wonderful and prosperous 2017.

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