OA students visit I0 Furniture, Ilupeju Lagos

At the Oxbridge Academy, we work very hard to ensure our students get the best academic preparation. However, we also feel it is our duty to develop our students outside of the classroom. We recently organised another of our visits to entrepreneurs around us in GRA aimed at stimulating thought and drive. This time we visited IO furniture. The Founder (Mrs. Muni Shonibare) was kind enough to answer all the questions raised by the students.
Mrs. Shonibare encouraged them to always work hard at any assignment that comes their way. She told the students that nothing is impossible in business. She encouraged them to be resilient. Everything is possible through dedication, commitment and being passionate about your dream. She said starting small, working smartly, discipline and being resilient will make you successful in business.  Always ask your self what next? Do not ever feel you have arrived.

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