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Official Launch of the Oxbridge Academy International Year One programme

Posted by Tolu on Jun 8, 2016

Monday the 6th June marked the start of Ramadan. A significant time in the Muslim calendar. A time that symbolises, amongst other things, transition, change, new beginnings. Coincidentally  the official launch of the Oxbridge Academy, sister company to Oxbridge...

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Why Kids Cheat and How to Stop It

Posted by Tolu on Aug 10, 2015

These days, it seems like cheating is everywhere, from football to the classroom. With stories of professional dishonesty and performance-enhancing drugs permeating the adult world, it’s no wonder that studies show academic cheating among children and teens on...

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Ethics in the Classroom: What You Need to Know

Posted by Tolu on Aug 5, 2015

Ethics and morals are often associated with religion, but schools can also provide important lessons in ethical thinking and action. Read...

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Benefits of Failure: Why Making Mistakes in School Is a Must

Posted by Tolu on Aug 1, 2015

In an age where schools globally seem to be doing more and more to protect children from experiencing failure (think sports days and how some schools give you an award for “taking part” ) this article gives a slightly different perspective. “Anyone who has...

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens

Posted by Tolu on Jul 28, 2015

Great motivational article for teens. Well the title of the article says “teens”, but this could easily be substituted for “people” as many of the points are relevant whatever your...

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Top Ten Ethical Issues for College Freshmen

Posted by Tolu on Jul 24, 2015

As students get ready to leave home and head to their university of choice many questions may be going through their minds. This insightful article goes through some of the most poignant ones. A good read....

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