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Welcome to the website of the Oxbridge Academy.

The Oxbridge Academy, a sister company to Oxbridge Tutorial College, was created as a “next step” for A Level and NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY), OND and IB graduates focused on attaining an international degree qualification. The Oxbridge Academy was accredited in 2015 by the NCUK to deliver the International Year One (IYOne) qualification in Nigeria.

Words from our Founder

The Oxbridge Academy is the first expression of Trans National Education in Nigeria, in much the same way as Oxbridge Tutorial College blazed the trail in 6 th Form education 25 years ago. In today’s era of globalization, the benefits of students being exposed to different cultures and environments as they acquire education, are significant. TNE makes these possible, and that is the value that Oxbridge Academy offers parents and their wards today.

Words from the Academic Coordinator

I am excited to extend a very warm welcome from Oxbridge Academy. At Oxbridge Academy we are student focussed. We help students discover and maximize their potential and build character in addition to attaining a sound education.

We work with each child to devise an individual learning programme tailored to their unique needs and goals. Our strong focus on student wellbeing, in a supportive environment, is complemented in the classroom by dynamic teaching practices. It is this all-round approach that we believe leads to the academic and personal success that characterises Oxbridge Academy students. We constantly recognize what we must do better because we want to remain an excellent delivering centre. Our students experience modern learning techniques, which includes case study, based learning, research work, presentations, spaced learning, flexible hours and engagement that focus on developing analytical thinking and reflective judgments. We strive to develop qualities such as teamwork, leadership, morals, values and entrepreneurship amongst our students. Our high quality standards are preserved by an annual audit excise by NCUK staff and an external auditor. All of this while enjoying huge savings when compared to studying abroad.

Oxbridge Academy won the NCUK outstanding award in recognition of the exceptional performance of our students who excelled in the 2017 academic year.

What is the International Year One?

The NCUK International Year One (IYO) is a qualification, developed by the Northern Consortium of UK Universities.The IYO is equivalent to the first year of a UK university degree. Upon successful completion, the IYO guarantees students progression onto the second year of a degree programme at one of 10 NCUK Universities.

Why the International Year One?

There are many benefits to undertaking the IYO, many dependent on your exact circumstances and situation. Here are a few of the most common advantages to undertaking this programme:

  • Better preparation for your UK Degree Qualification. The IYO better equips students to maximise their chances of success. Time is taken to assist students in transitioning. Something that is often a real challenge for international students.
  • Meet university age restrictions. Many UK universities have strict age criteria for students embarking on any of their programmes. Typically students are forced to while away the time waiting to meet this criteria. With the IYO you can still make progress without wasting away time.
  • Huge savings. With your first year spent at home, improving your chances of succeeding on that degree qualification, you are also saving on a year of international tuition, living expenses, food, travel, entertainment etc. This can easily equate to a saving of over 30% of the total cost of attaining your degree!

Routes onto the IYO

There are a number of ways to qualify for the NCUK IYO programme. By far the best and most seamless route is to first undertake the NCUK International Foundation Year at Oxbridge Tutorial College in GRA Ikeja or Lekki. This programme was purpose built by the NCUK for International students.

Other pathways onto the IYO include A Levels, international baccalaureate or an OND.